What to Know About Experiential Projects

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Here’s what you need to know about engaging in experiential projects.

Stories are what connect your brand to your customers and your employees. A good story will enable your customers to gain knowledge about your company through visual engagement or experiential graphics. At Nimlok Kentucky, we are expert storytellers. We will take your space and turn it into a visual voice through graphics, production, and installation to create a memorable experience for anyone that interacts with your brand.

Experiential design delivers a message, and it shapes the way your brand is perceived. Experiential graphics can educate, entertain, and delight! Sounds great, right, but you might be wondering how to get started on a project like this. We know it can be overwhelming. Luckily for you, we’re the experts! Let us walk you through how you might best use experiential graphics or your business needs, and you may even discover some projects you didn’t even realize you needed! We’ll tell you about the benefits of using experiential graphics, and we’ll share some best practices.

What Are Experiential Projects?

Experiential graphics
are so many things! It’s any project that evokes emotion from your customers and/or employees. These projects make branding more fun and memorable. They use big, bold, custom designs to help you look professional and stand out from the crowd. They create excitement, provide information, educate, or recognize individuals. Simply stated, experiential graphics create moments for those that interact with them, whether that’s from a history wall in your lobby or an Instagrammable moment at your event.

Benefits of Experiential Projects

Wondering why you should invest in experiential graphics? There are many advantages to using experiential graphics to elevate your branding. Here are some of the most exciting:

Increased Brand Awareness

You can make an impactful, long-lasting impression on customers with experiential projects. That will help improve your brand awareness.

It will help customers associate a fun and memorable experience with your product, service, or project display. When done right, customers will want to learn more about you and reach out to your business.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Immersing visitors in a unique and engaging environment can create an unforgettable experience for your customers, boosting engagement with your brand.

Creating a shareable moment will increase your word-of-mouth referrals and keep your brand top of mind. Customers will remember that “cool thing” they saw and tell others about it!

Build Lasting Relationships

Experiential projects will give you the opportunity to create deeper and more meaningful interactions with prospects, as well as customers, building a stronger relationship. When people feel connected with a brand or experience, they are more loyal customers.

How to Use Experiential Projects

Now that you understand the benefits, you’re probably wondering how to use them in your office or reception space. Here are some ideas:

Corporate Branded Interiors

Spaces within your company walls can be highly motivating, encouraging, and informational. Share your company history and important events with a History Wall or Timeline. You can quickly and easily highlight your proudest accomplishments and where your company is headed in the future. Or engage and educate your employees, customers, and potential employees with your core values and mission statement.

Recognition and Team Spirit

Donor walls and Athletic recognition bring a sense of pride and team spirit to spaces. From school hallways and common areas to team locker rooms, create an environment that will get people excited, and in the moment.

Events and Venues

Capture memories and create a buzz with an Instagrammable backwall! Or make a unique branded display more memorable by allowing guests to take photos and share them online with friends.

Setting up an interactive photo booth with an Instagrammable background is a creative, fun way to make your brand shareable. Need a 10’ backlit, dimensional horseshoe? We’ve already done it! Some of our favorite projects have started with a napkin sketch and someone saying “wouldn’t it be cool if…”

Tips for Making the Most of an Experiential Project

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your experiential project.

  • Plan ahead, custom projects don’t happen overnight
  • Know your budget, even a range will help us deliver the best available options
  • Research first so you know what your customers value
  • Schedule an event to show off your finished project and encourage sharing

Experiential Projects: Invaluable Business Opportunities

Experiential projects offer businesses a chance to create a unique and unforgettable experience for their employees or customers. It’s the perfect way for your brand to stand out.

Perfecting your experiential project takes planning and creativity. But it’s worth the effort. Adding an experiential design project doesn’t have to be complicated, explore our seven-step guide to designing and installing your vision for experiential design so you can see how easy it is.

Don’t forget to browse our experiential gallery. We have the experience to help turn your ideas into reality and make you stand out.