Why Exhibit at an Industry Trade Show?

You have finite resources for marketing. Why make trade show exhibiting a part of your marketing pie? Here are the top three categories for why you need to show up for the trade show:

1.Secure Sales and Generate Leads. By exhibiting at trade shows relevant to your industry, you’ll be able to personally meet target-rich attendees who are looking specifically for the products and services you provide—the majority of which have significant purchasing power.

2.Make Your Brand Stand Out from the Competition. If your competitors will be at the trade show, you need to be there, too. It’s that simple. Make sure you are not squeezed out of the competition by nonattendance. Visitors who see your exhibit will register you as one of the top brands in the field, nurturing greater awareness of, and trust in, your brand.

3.Provide Your Invaluable Personal Touch. While digital and print marketing have their advantages, they can’t reach out and shake the hand of a motivated purchaser. Exhibiting and conversing face-to-face can provide great opportunities:

◉ Strengthen brand loyalty with a personal touch.
◉ Showcase your most popular products and services.
◉ Launch a new product line.
◉ Demonstrate products and answer questions.
◉ Build important relationships and networks.
◉ Current and potential customers
◉ Business contacts and B2B partners (e.g. supply companies, SaaS products and services, and B2B marketing firms)

Why Choose Nimlok Kentucky as Your Exhibiting Partner?

Nimlok Kentucky offers invaluable services and top quality products. We make your brand stand out while achieving your marketing goals:

◉ One-stop shop. Obtain all the products and services you need under one roof. Whether you need a small portable display or a large custom-made exhibit, we help create exhibits that present your brand with stunning professionalism.
◉ Quality certification. As an authorized Nimlok dealer, Nimlok Kentucky is a certified industry expert. That means our team includes some of the industry’s leading strategists, designers, craftspeople, and project and logistics managers.
◉ Ability to meet all your requirements. Our relationship with one of the world’s largest and most experienced exhibition companies, means that we have ready access to an expansive range of creative display solutions and national, even international, capabilities.
◉ Multiple resources. Our learning resources and guides will help you make the most of your exhibit and polish up your professional knowledge. From learning guides and worksheets to instructive videos, we offer free resources that are priceless. Here are a few examples:

◉ Comprehensive Trade Show and Event Checklist
◉ Corporate Event and Trade Show Budgeting and ROI Analysis
◉ Customer Testimonial Videos: Monk Fruit’s Brand Forward Booth
◉ Capability Videos: State of the Art Graphic Services for Trade Shows
◉ Product Setup Videos: How to Set Up Nimlok’s Compact Pop Up Trade Show Display
◉ Exhibit Videos: Pharmerica’s Custom Trade Show Exhibit from Nimlok

In other words, Nimlok Kentucky has the expertise to build your brand, achieve your goals, and improve your return on investment (ROI) from start to triumphant finish.

Let’s talk today and find the perfect solution for your brand. Call us directly or use the form below to get started.

Nimlok Kentucky

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