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Are you wondering if renting an exhibit is for you? Consider the advantages of renting:

Time. Because many of our rentals come in standard sizes or mix-and-match kits, you save a ton of time on planning. Your main time investment will be in the design and printing of your graphics.
Cost savings. Renting saves precious marketing dollars in many ways:
◉ Enables you to appear larger than your budget allows.
◉ Often uses out-of-the-box inline and island styles, saving on production costs.
◉ Cuts out the extra fees associated with buying (e.g., maintenance, storage, insurance, and disposal fees).
Flexibility. Renting helps you adjust your exhibits while reducing your stress considerably:
◉ Multiple shows: If you need to be at multiple shows at or close to the same time, then renting can be a cost-effective option.
◉ Different audiences: If you are attending different tradeshows for separate audiences, renting can be the best way to go.
◉ Rebranding: If your company is planning a rebranding, renting can be the best choice. You avoid getting stuck with a purchased display created for an old brand and outdated messaging.
Experimentation. Renting can be the way to go if you want to experiment with different types of booths, flooring, furniture, and accessories. This “try before you buy” option can save money, too, by helping you avoid purchasing an exhibit that winds up not fully meeting your needs.

We make renting a trade show booth hassle-free and we can create a customized rental solution to meet your specific needs.

Be careful, though. You may hit a point when buying will be more affordable than renting. Nimlok Kentucky professionals can help you wade through the pros and cons based on your needs. For instance, you may find out it’s best to rent some equipment and purchase others. Take advantage of our free consultations, so you don’t have to wade through all the options alone.

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