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The 20’ exhibit booths are much like the 10′ booths, with the added advantage of a bigger presentation that is sure to draw attention from convention goers—and make you stand out from competitors who must keep to the smaller size:

◉ Stylish. Smaller exhibits don’t mean you have to skimp on style. Our talented designers ensure your exhibit will be polished, professional, and will present your brand with unique style.
◉ Hassle-free. Our 10’ displays are designed to assemble quickly. Some even set up with no tools required for assembly.
◉ Versatile. We build displays that can adapt and change from show to show. Such adaptability increases your ability to change messaging to various target audiences, while maintaining costs.
◉ Extensive options. Our custom and custom modular trade show exhibits incorporate a wide range of styles and textures to adequately reflect your brand and style. Various graphic options are available, such as velcro-applied or push-fit fabric. Frame options can be straight or curved.

Added advantage: The 20′ options allow you to reconfigure kits into multiple inline sizes, maximizing exhibit value. Each line has unique features, graphic attachments, and assembly requirements, allowing us to make an impactful impression no matter what your budget is.

Work with Nimlok to build an exhibit that can adapt and change from show to show, increasing effectiveness while maintaining costs.

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