Hottest Exhibition Design Trends of 2023

If you make your rounds to different trade shows, you need an exhibition design that stands out and draws people in. Find some winning ideas here.

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Trade shows are a great way to get your products and services noticed. An overwhelming 92% of trade show attendees go to trade shows to see new products and services from their favorite brands. But this is only one element of a successful trade show.

Your trade show booth is also a big part of the equation. Well-executed trade show exhibits are the key to proper engagement. Having the right exhibition design is a surefire way to get noticed. 

Are you looking for ways to create successful trade show displays? Then keep reading below for the hottest exhibition design trends of 2023.

Creative LED Lighting Displays

LED lights are all the rage today in exhibition design. Not only are they long-lasting and affordable, but they also emit less heat and use less energy overall. According to the Department of Energy, the average LED lighting display uses 75% less energy and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

LEDs are an appealing option for brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint. They are also cost-effective options for small business trade show displays to stand out.

Add to that list the wide variety of different LED lighting options now available. Some innovative LED designs for trade show exhibits include:

  • LED Tunnels
  • LED Flooring
  • Immersive LED displays
  • Curved and Transparent LEDs

LED tunnels and LED flooring are terrific ways to lead attendees into special events or expo displays within your trade show booth. Immersive LED displays can be integrated into your exhibition design to provide a multisensory experience. While curved and transparent LEDs allow you to create see-through video or photo walls that are sure to wow passersby and draw them to your booth.

LEDs can dramatically change the appearance of your trade show booth. They can be configured to pulse to music and dim or brighten on command. You can even modify LED light displays with custom color options and images to match your brand.

New Advancements in Technology

Advancements in technology are changing the way many expo displays operate. AR and VR technology have already laid their claim on experiential marketing. But technology options such as 3-D technology, holograms, and digital twinning are gaining momentum in 2023 and beyond.

Holograms and 3-D technology are taking center stage in exhibition design. They allow trade show exhibits to show detailed displays and animations of products in motion. They also let booth visitors get up close and personal with the schematics and moving parts in exquisite and eye-popping detail for one-of-a-kind trade show displays.

Digital twin technology is already being used in healthcare to create virtual representations of patients using data to better facilitate care. This same technology can also be used for exhibition design for constructing lifelike and real-time interactive avatars or creating simulations of new products that trade show attendees can interact with.

More Organic Exhibition Design

Gone are the days of trade show displays that look like cold and sterile office buildings. Instead, trade show attendees are favoring booths that offer an organic exhibition design. This means incorporating more natural elements into display solutions.

For example, having a greenery wall (either real or artificial) can increase the approachability of trade show exhibits. This can put attendees at ease when coming up to view your booth. A greenery wall adds an interesting level of texture to your booth and also works well as a focal point for more eco-friendly companies.

It is still possible to include technology along with natural elements like plants and trees.

Comfortable Lounge Areas

The average trade show attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing trade show displays. So, it makes sense that your exhibition design should also have comfortable lounge areas built in. This will make it more enticing to visitors.

Having couches and other seating options gives attendees a place to take a load off and recharge during the course of their day. You can even offer an assortment of drinks and snacks. While they are sitting in your lounge area, they can also read up on your products and services and explore your booth at their leisure.

It also gives you a chance to come over and talk to them in a relaxed setting. This feels like a casual conversation and less of a sales pitch. The end result will be a more receptive potential client.

Dynamic Signage Options

Having the proper signage is essential for helping your booth stand out for all the right reasons. Traditional banners with flat lettering are a thing of the past. Modern exhibition design heavily favors dynamic signage options.

This includes channel-lit logos and signage with fun and colorful multi-dimensional elements. These types of signs catch the eye and command the attention of trade show guests. Bold signage also helps to differentiate your booth from other trade show exhibits.

With professionally designed signage your company’s logo, brand name, and artwork can really shine. You can complement signage along with other elements such as company murals, timelines, and history walls for added effect.

Inviting and Open-Concept Expo Displays

Contemporary exhibition design trends call for less boxed-in feeling trade show displays. Many trade show companies are now thinking outside of the box to offer attendees an open and airy feel. This can include suspending signage and other elements from the ceiling.

Open-concept exhibition design allows booth visitors to roam freely without feeling like they’re bumping into display walls or other trade show guests. Having more room to move around takes away the sense of claustrophobia that can come from standard walled-in expo displays.

Instead of bland and industrial-looking materials making up these displays, they contain more homey and inviting elements. Wood paneling, decorative facades, and floral accents make trade show displays much more personable and welcoming to booth visitors.

Make Your Exhibition Design Dreams a Reality with Nimlok Kentucky

Your exhibition design is a vital part of your trade show booth’s aesthetic. It’s also a reflection of your brand. Creating the trade show display of your dreams means choosing the right company to help make those dreams a reality.

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