Furniture: Buy versus Rent

So you have the perfect booth. The graphics are outspoken, the layout is exactly how you want it, and you have an integrated marketing plan to bring it all together.

Nimlok Kentucky, Exhibit, Event & Trade Show Display Storage Warehouse

So what now?

You may wonder, how can I keep the booth exactly how it looks at this exact moment? Let’s just buy the furniture. It can ship with the booth, and it will always look exactly like we want it. It’s a wonderful idea and makes complete sense.

There certainly are benefits to buying your own furniture to complement your booth. You know exactly what to expect when you own furniture. And you may even be able to re-purpose the furniture to use in other displays or at other events. Plus, you might even save money foregoing the rental option because it can be really expensive for something that’s only used once.

But there are other variables to consider.

Where will I store the furniture?
Most likely, you will keep it with the booth properties, wherever you keep them. And this could increase your storage fees if the furniture causes your storage space to increase.

Will we only be using it for indoor events?
Maybe mixing and matching modular furniture that can function indoors and outdoors would be an option.

What additional fees are required?
Buying your own furniture could also affect the fees you pay for shipping and drayage at shows. If you’re shipping extra properties, it will weigh more, causing higher shipping and drayage costs. Also, figure out the extra packing materials it will need to ship, which will also make the materials heavier. And some point, you can expect necessary repairs. With shipping and numerous installations and dismantles, damages are inevitable, which of course cost time and money to repair.

What are the benefits of renting the furniture at each show?
Decorators usually handle many of the details. So, you won’t have to worry about extra material handling, transportation, maintenance, repairs, storage, etc. However, the costs at each show could be significantly higher if you decide to rent.

We definitely see the benefits of both. Whatever you decide to do, Nimlok Kentucky will accommodate by ordering the exact furniture you’d like at each show, or even storing it with your booth properties and keeping it well maintained and ready for the next show!