custom modular trade show displays

Modular displays provide you with a custom exhibit, but one that can evolve as necessary from show to show. Standardized components are used as building blocks. They can be reconfigured for different spaces and customized for different needs. We specialize in creating custom modular displays, everything from 10' x 10' inline displays to large island exhibits.

We have two types of custom modular exhibits: Off-the-Shelf Modular and Customized Modular.

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off-the-shelf modular exhibits

At Nimlok Kentucky we offer more than 50 off-the-shelf modular display kits. They range from 10' x 10' inline displays to 20' x 20' island exhibits. We also have many 10' x 20' displays that can be reconfigured to fit into a 10' x 10' space. Off-the-shelf modular exhibits make sense—they are flexible, allow for infinite creativity, and are efficient to transport and set up.

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Customized Modular Exhibits

customized modular exhibits

If you’re a multi-show exhibitor needing larger-scale, more customized solutions, we create customized modular exhibits for your unique needs. We use modular components that can be reconfigured into different exhibit sizes and spaces. You get a truly custom exhibit, but one that costs less while able to evolve and grow over time.

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why choose a custom, reconfigureable
modular display?

intelligent system-based solutions

Modular design allows you to adapt your exhibit for multiple venues. The structures can be reused numerous times even as your message evolves. The exhibits are easily assembled, disassembled, shipped and stored.

dynamic design with custom flare

Modular can be and look highly original. Our innovative channel systems and fabric structures provide you with endless design possibilities. Flexibility is supreme—the exhibits adapt to different shows and over time. They grow with your brand.

greener approach

High quality, recyclable aluminum components are designed for longevity and multiple reuse. Custom modular exhibits minimize container space and weight to reduce shipping volume and cost.