Furniture: Buy versus Rent

Furniture: Buy versus Rent

Furniture: Buy versus Rent

So you have the perfect booth. The graphics are outspoken, the layout is exactly how you want it, and you have an integrated marketing plan to bring it all together.

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So what now?

You may wonder, how can I keep the booth exactly how it looks at this exact moment? Let’s just buy the furniture. It can ship with the booth, and it will always look exactly like we want it. It’s a wonderful idea and makes complete sense.

There certainly are benefits to buying your own furniture to complement your booth. You know exactly what to expect when you own furniture. And you may even be able to re-purpose the furniture to use in other displays or at other events. Plus, you might even save money foregoing the rental option because it can be really expensive for something that’s only used once.

But there are other variables to consider.

Where will I store the furniture?
Most likely, you will keep it with the booth properties, wherever you keep them. And this could increase your storage fees if the furniture causes your storage space to increase.

Will we only be using it for indoor events?
Maybe mixing and matching modular furniture that can function indoors and outdoors would be an option.

What additional fees are required?
Buying your own furniture could also affect the fees you pay for shipping and drayage at shows. If you’re shipping extra properties, it will weigh more, causing higher shipping and drayage costs. Also, figure out the extra packing materials it will need to ship, which will also make the materials heavier. And some point, you can expect necessary repairs. With shipping and numerous installations and dismantles, damages are inevitable, which of course cost time and money to repair.

What are the benefits of renting the furniture at each show?
Decorators usually handle many of the details. So, you won’t have to worry about extra material handling, transportation, maintenance, repairs, storage, etc. However, the costs at each show could be significantly higher if you decide to rent.

We definitely see the benefits of both. Whatever you decide to do, Nimlok Kentucky will accommodate by ordering the exact furniture you’d like at each show, or even storing it with your booth properties and keeping it well maintained and ready for the next show!

Fabric Graphics, Fab or Drab?

Fabric Graphics, Fab or Drab?

Fabric Graphics, Fab or Drab?

Custom Fabric Portable Exhibits & Displays from Nimlok Kentucky

We all know that caring for fabrics can be a difficult task. Oh, we’ve heard the old wives’ tales of hairspray, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. And that might be an answer when you’re trying to get a stain out of your favorite shirt, but how about when it’s a very large and expensive fabric graphic?

The answer is simple, right? WRONG!

But we can offer a few tips to help keep those eye-catching graphics grabbing attention for the right reasons.

Is spot cleaning an option? While this might not work for every issue, it can be a useful on-the-spot tip. For minimal dirt, try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You can remove surface dirt by gently brushing the fabric. Keep the eraser dry, and wipe as lightly as possible. Just be careful. Spot cleaning is only recommended for delicate mesh fabrics. Our best suggestion is when possible, always dry clean to ensure the most beautiful graphics stay that way for as long as possible.

When it comes to storage, make sure they are clean and dry before packing them away. And always be sure to loosely fold or roll your fabrics with the “face” or front side inward. And also, when possible, store fabrics in their original shipping containers to provide sufficient protection.

And finally, the best way to prevent stains and dirt is to eliminate the possibility altogether. When handling, make sure your hands are clean and dry or wear a pair of clean gloves. For extra prevention, lay down a clean drop cloth during installation and dismantle.

So, while fabric cleaning and care are far from difficult, we wanted to provide you with a few quick fixes to ensure your exhibit’s presence is always up to par. We here at Nimlok know that improper handling can not only ruin a gorgeous display, but also take a big bite out of your budget.

Benefits of a Trade Show Coordinator

Benefits of a Trade Show Coordinator

Benefits of a Trade Show Coordinator

So, you have a beautiful, brand-new booth. It’s on its way to the show. The layout is perfect and the graphics will represent your message perfectly. So, what now What if the freight company loses one of the crates? What if you and your staff have trouble setting up the booth properly?

Zirmed Custom Exhibit from Nimlok Kentucky

Now, it’s time for a trade show coordinator.

Granted, it will pull a few extra dollars from your overall budget, but the cost is minimal compared to the benefits of handling the potential problems that may arise at a trade show.

Trade show coordinators will help with:

Freight Arrangement
We have special relationships with trucking companies that specialize in trade shows. When trucking companies are specialized, they know the most efficient way to handle freight at a trade show, minimizing extra costs in wait time and failed pickups.

Freight Tracking
To make sure your shipment is on time and where it needs to be.

Scheduling the installation and dismantling of your booth
As a company, you likely spend a pretty penny just getting your sales team to an event. Their time is limited. Paying for labor will allow them more time to do what they do best – build relationships.

Arranging all of the services you will need for the booth
A trade show coordinator is an expert at filling out forms and homing in on exactly what you will need for each show. Also, they keep track of discount deadlines and will make sure you never pay extra for your services.

On call for the duration of the show
Any problem that may arise, a trade show coordinator will be called. This way, you can focus on your main goals for each show and leaving all of the heavy lifting to them.

Checks & balances
Before, during, and after each show they will check all charges to make sure you are only billed for what is needed.

Just to name a few things.

Trade show coordinators will be there from the beginning of the show and are available for questions, concerns, and fixing of any issues. They are there to make sure you and your company will experience the smoothest show possible.

If you are interested in this extra benefit that Nimlok Kentucky offers, give us a shout. We’ll take care of the details so you can focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.