Improve School Spirit With School Branding and Signage

Improve School Spirit With School Branding and Signage

Improve School Spirit With School Branding and Signage

The bigger the hype, the better high school spirit day is! Here’s how fresh signage, school murals, branded trophy cases, and more can boost school pride.

Nimlok Kentucky, Exhibit, Event & Trade Show Display Storage Warehouse

Almost 692,000 Kentucky students were enrolled in public schools in 2022. This statistic alone is cause for celebration.

High school spirit day is cherished by students, alumni, and the entire school community. It’s something that you must nurture and cultivate with care.

Are you wondering how you can boost school pride? Keep reading to learn about fresh signage, school murals, branded trophy cases, and more. We’ll also touch on how certain elements can take this decor to the next level.

A Timeline Fueled by School Spirit

School spirit is a feeling that students can have from the moment they enter a high school classroom to the time they graduate. It can even continue well beyond graduation and become a lifelong thing.

It’s essential to consider this meaningful journey when crafting a strategy. That way, you can think of the best way to improve school spirit through branding and signage.

Starting in the High School Classroom

High school is where you can lay a solid foundation of school spirit. Every classroom should reflect the school’s identity.

You can achieve this by blending the school’s colors, mascot, and mission statement into classroom decor. Even simple branded elements set the stage for a student’s journey of school pride. Your strategy should include posters, banners, and a good deal of wall decals.

Continuing Down the High School Hallway

As students move through a high school hallway, they should encounter signage and murals that tell the story of the school’s history. It’s worth pointing out momentous achievements.

Timelines that showcase the school’s milestones can create a sense of continuity and pride.

Make sure to use vivid and impactful imagery. That way, your hallway displays can serve as a source of inspiration for students.

As students move from one grade to another, they’ll see this timeline grow. Knowing they’re a part of the school’s history is one of the most important elements of spirit.


Adding Dimension to Displays and High School Branding

Are you eager to make branding and signage more engaging? If so, it’s crucial to add dimension to displays.

Flat, uninspiring signs can easily go unnoticed. Consider the use of 3D elements. This can include raised letters, layered designs, or even sculptural installations.

Remember to put them in high-traffic areas like the high school exterior. Even the high school football field entrance would be an excellent spot.

Dimensional displays grab attention and create a unique experience for students and visitors. They make the brand and school history come to life in a way that flat graphics can’t.


Using Lighting for the Biggest Impact

The strategic use of lighting can transform ordinary branding and signage into extraordinary elements. This is one of the secrets that can take school spirit to new heights.

Spotlights and backlit displays can be your best friends. Use them to illuminate key areas like trophy cases, murals, or the school’s entrance.

This emphasizes these elements on a couple of different levels. For example, it adds a dimension of drama and sophistication to the atmosphere without overdoing it.

Are you interested in other possibilities of light placement? In high school hallways, well-placed lighting can draw attention to the timeline displays.

In one fell swoop, light can turn them from something in the shadow to a focal point. On the high school football field, lighting can enhance the school’s name and logo. This can do wonders for boosting team morale and fan engagement.

Highlighting Key Moments with One-Of-A-Kind Shadow Box Displays

To celebrate significant achievements, consider the use of shadow box displays. This is perfect for showcasing memorabilia, medals, or trophies.

It’s the best way to focus on the triumphs of students, athletes, and alumni. Shadow boxes provide a sense of depth and context. Their designs make it easy for viewers to connect with the accomplishments at first sight.

These displays can be placed strategically around the campus or within the high school classroom. That way, you’ll remind students of their school’s success stories on a regular basis.

This not only boosts school pride but also motivates current students. By setting the example, they’ll strive for greatness.

Adding Texture for Visual Interest

Texture is an often underused element in branding and signage. Incorporating different textures can create bolder visual interest and enhance a sign’s general appeal. Consider using materials like wood, metal, or even fabric in your displays.

In the high school exterior, a textured school sign can stand out and leave a long-lasting impression. In the high school hallway, textured murals or banners can add depth and character to the space.

These tactile elements produce a sense of authenticity. That way, students will feel connected to their school on a much deeper level.

Nimlok Kentucky’s Modern Approach

Are you struggling to find a reliable source for your signage needs? The right solution provider can make a huge difference. The last thing you’d want is to send the wrong message to your students and faculty.

Modern technology is often the answer. When considering the technical elements of your branding and signage strategy, Nimlok – Kentucky offers solutions. You can count on them for TV or projector displays.

You can strategically place these into different spaces to deliver dynamic content. For instance, a high school football field could benefit from a large screen that broadcasts the game in real time. You can bet that this investment will sweeten the fan experience.

With a stronger crowd presence, your football players can feel more ready than ever to win the next big game.

High School Spirit Day Can Be Every Day

Now you know some of the best ways to recharge high school spirit day for everyone. Students, faculty, and parents will appreciate your commitment to what matters most.

You can always rest easy knowing that Nimlok – Kentucky is in your corner. Our high-quality signage solutions have customers coming back for more and more. Our expertise includes exhibitions, experiential options, and logistics.

We’d love to discuss your needs in detail. We aim to please, so don’t hesitate to send us your most amazing requests.


How to Light Your Trade Show Exhibit (And Make It Stand Out)

How to Light Your Trade Show Exhibit (And Make It Stand Out)

How to Light Your Trade Show Exhibit (And Make It Stand Out)

The way you light your exhibit can push visitors away – or entice them to come take a closer look. Follow these display lighting tips and it will be the latter.

Nimlok Kentucky, Exhibit, Event & Trade Show Display Storage Warehouse

Are you a small business that is looking to have a display at a trade show? Are you looking for ways to make this stand out?

If you answered yes to these questions, this article is for you.

The competition in trade shows can be daunting for a small business. Because of this, businesses spend $24 billionon trade show displays.

Luckily, there are many opportunities for a small business to thrive at these. One way is to have stellar display lighting.

Do you want to know what types of lighting are good for these trade show exhibits? This guide discusses some of the biggest things that you need to keep in mind.

Consider Your Brand

The first thing you are going to need to think about is your brand. Do you have brand recognition? Is your logo a big part of your company’s identity?

Whether you answered yes or no to these questions, you could use this trade show to gain more brand recognition. Part of that is ensuring that whatever you display goes well with your company logo.

This is where lighting comes into play. You have a few options to make lighting work for your company logo.

The first option is using a backlit rotating header to light up the company logo itself. It can fulfill multiple purposes providing light for your display plus making people pay attention to your company logo.

Another option you have is to have a big banner with your company logo in the center of your display. Then, use a spotlight or an overhead light to make your logo sign bright.

If you want to get a little more creative, you can add some company colors to your lighting.

For example, let’s say your logo is known for being black and yellow. One thing you can do here is shine yellow lights onto your company logo. If yellow is the secondary color on your logo, this can help make the logo stand out more.

Think about how you want your logo to be displayed and how many lighting resources you want to dedicate to this.

Lighting Colors

Another thing you may want to think about is what color you want your lights to be. You have the option of getting a little more creative than the standard white color.

There are two things that you need to consider here. The first is how using a different color impacts the visibility of your display. For this, you will want to make sure that the colors do not clash.

For example, say that your display is mostly filled with things colored in black. In that situation, you will not want to have a darker color provide light to your display. So, avoid colors like gray and purple here and stick to colors that contrast with that better, such as white and yellow.

Then, you need to consider what you want people to feel when they see your trade show display. The reason for this is that studies have shown that certain colors bring out emotional reactions in people.

For example, the color blue is commonly known as a calm and peaceful color. Then, green is known for nature and the outdoors. Red is known for passion and love, while white is known as a more neutral color.

Depending on what you are trying to get out of your display, one of these colors may be perfect for it. The lighting can make this stand out even more and draw more emotional attention to that point.

For these reasons, it is vital to have a marketing strategy with lighting for displays.

Types of Lights

Finally, you need to consider what type of lighting you want to have. You may want to have some lights on your countertop to make it more noticeable from a distance. Or, you could want to have edge-lit graphics to make your displays appear more modern.

You may have a unique theme for your booth and go with something more specific. In that situation, you could attempt to have colorful lights surround your display to help people get into the theme.

If you really want your display to shine bright, you do have the option of using a spotlight. However, this is only recommended for larger displays and those that need to be seen from a further distance. This type of lighting is powerful so people could feel blinded if it is too close to the display.

For those with lower ceilings, having overhead lighting could be something that works for you. Then, those that have a display shaped like a table or a desk may use lighting that is the equivalent of a lamp. With that option, you can have lighting for that specific area but do not have to worry about getting in the way of other displays.

Getting Help With Display Lighting

These are some of the biggest things that you need to think about when it comes to display lighting. You need to think about what your brand is, what you stand for, and if enough people recognize your brand logo. If the goal is to get more brand recognition, use this as an opportunity to promote your brand logo.

Then, think about what colors you want your lights to be. Also, consider what emotional reaction you want from people and the types of lights you need.

To get inspired, take a look at our Display Solutions.


A Guide to Bringing Your Brand to Life with a History Wall

A Guide to Bringing Your Brand to Life with a History Wall

A Guide to Bringing Your Brand to Life with a History Wall

Are you looking for new ways to bring life to your brand in your office walls? Read here for a guide to bringing your brand to life with a history wall.

Nimlok Kentucky, Exhibit, Event & Trade Show Display Storage Warehouse

Branding. It is the identity of a business, and it is the key to making sure that you stick in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Two-thirds of businesses that grow their business brand and keep it consistent report having revenue growth because of this. That means that you need to find ways to do the same.

One way to do this is by increasing your brand within the walls of your business. At Nimlok Kentucky we have several ways to fill your blank walls with corporate-branded messaging; history walls, core values, mission statements, employee recognition, but the topic for this blog is creating a history wall so that is where we will focus today.

What is a history wall? How do history walls benefit the companies that create them?

This is your guide.

What Is a History Wall?

Before we can go into tips and benefits for history walls, you must understand what this is. A history wall is something that companies use to promote the history of their company and how far they have come. It helps build authenticity and trust for your customers and prospects alike by reinforcing your accomplishments and experience.

Another purpose of this could be to reinforce the company brand. Companies can do this by highlighting accomplishments that back up their core values, reviewing events that made them as successful as they are today, using quotes by past owners and employees to emphasize their brand and values, etc.

A history wall should acknowledge all of the important people and events the company has had in its history. However, it should also be a proponent of the brand and the values that the brand stands for.

Using Your Brand Logo

When it comes to a history wall, you want to make sure that your company logo is the centerpiece of it. After all, the entire wall is about your company and what your company has achieved.

This can help with brand recognition in a few ways. First of all, for those that pass by your company’s office, it can be a good way to introduce your company to that person. Second of all, it is a good way to reinforce your brand by having it in the middle of all of your accomplishments and values.

A company logo helps remind people who you are and what you stand for. You want to have this reminder in the middle of an area that is dedicated to your company’s history.

Adding Visual Interest

You want to make sure your history wall is something that will grab people’s attention. This can be accomplished by layering dimensional materials, backlighting, and/or adding technology. Our team of designers can evaluate the space in your office and provide a recommendation that elevates your brand and stands out. They will take into account your office aesthetic and provide a design that complements the key aspects of your business.

Ideally, you are going to want to use colors and design tactics that complement your brand logo. This is another reason why it is so important to have your brand logo be a part of your history wall because it can help tie everything together. Using signature colors increases brand recognition by 80%!

Old Pictures

If you want to bring your history wall to life, have some old pictures that date back to when the company was founded.

It’s true what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. 91% of customers prefer visual content to written content, so that photo of your founder when they first started the business, or of the very first property or product that the company inhabited, they all seek to tell a greater story.

To highlight the later years, you can show how the company has progressed since then. Including a picture of the largest property or the most modern product at the time the history wall is made can be a great way to show that progression. And don’t forget to leave some space to continue the story in years to come! Our design team can take that into account in their design so that it is easy to add to the timeline in years to come.

Pictures can also help humanize your company by using real people to help tell your story.

There are a few creative ways to use these pictures too. You can blow up one old picture and have that be your entire background. Or, you can use several pictures in a smaller size and put them all next to each other to cover the wall.

Whatever way you choose to use these pictures, these can help your brand come to life.

Testimonials and Values

Something else to enhance your history wall are testimonials and your core values. Tell your story through your company’s core values, making them the main thread that ties your history together.

As for testimonials and quotes, these provide multiple benefits to your wall. They help bring the people you are discussing on the wall to life. Quotes can give people an idea of what their personality was like or at least how you want that person to be perceived.

Customer testimonials can help back up the core values that your company is trying to present to your audience. So, if you are about peace and helping the vulnerable, you should insert a quote somewhere on your history wall that discusses this.

Create a History Wall

These are some of the things that you should know about creating a history wall. At the end of the day, a history wall should help your brand grow and increase brand recognition, even within your own company.

You can build this by inserting your brand logo in there, choosing the right colors, using old pictures, and emphasizing quotes and company values.

A history wall is definitely a labor of love. Be prepared to pour through your company’s archives to find the perfect pieces to highlight. Our team can help with recommendations on what to share and how many you have space for. This is a collaboration, but once finished will be a centerpiece to your office space for years to come. We love helping you tell your most important stories; we are expert storytellers! But don’t just take our word for it,

“The team at Nimlok Kentucky did an amazing job bringing our College’s History Wall to life! The final product exceeded our expectations and is a must-see installation piece at the school. We’ve used Nimlok for several signage projects over the years and look forward to collaborating on many more first-rate projects in the future.” -Dr. Janie H., UK College of Nursing

Do you need help with your history wall? Click here to see how we can help.

Hottest Exhibition Design Trends of 2023

Hottest Exhibition Design Trends of 2023

Hottest Exhibition Design Trends of 2023

If you make your rounds to different trade shows, you need an exhibition design that stands out and draws people in. Find some winning ideas here.

Nimlok Kentucky, Exhibit, Event & Trade Show Display Storage Warehouse

Trade shows are a great way to get your products and services noticed. An overwhelming 92% of trade show attendees go to trade shows to see new products and services from their favorite brands. But this is only one element of a successful trade show.

Your trade show booth is also a big part of the equation. Well-executed trade show exhibits are the key to proper engagement. Having the right exhibition design is a surefire way to get noticed. 

Are you looking for ways to create successful trade show displays? Then keep reading below for the hottest exhibition design trends of 2023.

Creative LED Lighting Displays

LED lights are all the rage today in exhibition design. Not only are they long-lasting and affordable, but they also emit less heat and use less energy overall. According to the Department of Energy, the average LED lighting display uses 75% less energy and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

LEDs are an appealing option for brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint. They are also cost-effective options for small business trade show displays to stand out.

Add to that list the wide variety of different LED lighting options now available. Some innovative LED designs for trade show exhibits include:

  • LED Tunnels
  • LED Flooring
  • Immersive LED displays
  • Curved and Transparent LEDs

LED tunnels and LED flooring are terrific ways to lead attendees into special events or expo displays within your trade show booth. Immersive LED displays can be integrated into your exhibition design to provide a multisensory experience. While curved and transparent LEDs allow you to create see-through video or photo walls that are sure to wow passersby and draw them to your booth.

LEDs can dramatically change the appearance of your trade show booth. They can be configured to pulse to music and dim or brighten on command. You can even modify LED light displays with custom color options and images to match your brand.

New Advancements in Technology

Advancements in technology are changing the way many expo displays operate. AR and VR technology have already laid their claim on experiential marketing. But technology options such as 3-D technology, holograms, and digital twinning are gaining momentum in 2023 and beyond.

Holograms and 3-D technology are taking center stage in exhibition design. They allow trade show exhibits to show detailed displays and animations of products in motion. They also let booth visitors get up close and personal with the schematics and moving parts in exquisite and eye-popping detail for one-of-a-kind trade show displays.

Digital twin technology is already being used in healthcare to create virtual representations of patients using data to better facilitate care. This same technology can also be used for exhibition design for constructing lifelike and real-time interactive avatars or creating simulations of new products that trade show attendees can interact with.

More Organic Exhibition Design

Gone are the days of trade show displays that look like cold and sterile office buildings. Instead, trade show attendees are favoring booths that offer an organic exhibition design. This means incorporating more natural elements into display solutions.

For example, having a greenery wall (either real or artificial) can increase the approachability of trade show exhibits. This can put attendees at ease when coming up to view your booth. A greenery wall adds an interesting level of texture to your booth and also works well as a focal point for more eco-friendly companies.

It is still possible to include technology along with natural elements like plants and trees.

Comfortable Lounge Areas

The average trade show attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing trade show displays. So, it makes sense that your exhibition design should also have comfortable lounge areas built in. This will make it more enticing to visitors.

Having couches and other seating options gives attendees a place to take a load off and recharge during the course of their day. You can even offer an assortment of drinks and snacks. While they are sitting in your lounge area, they can also read up on your products and services and explore your booth at their leisure.

It also gives you a chance to come over and talk to them in a relaxed setting. This feels like a casual conversation and less of a sales pitch. The end result will be a more receptive potential client.

Dynamic Signage Options

Having the proper signage is essential for helping your booth stand out for all the right reasons. Traditional banners with flat lettering are a thing of the past. Modern exhibition design heavily favors dynamic signage options.

This includes channel-lit logos and signage with fun and colorful multi-dimensional elements. These types of signs catch the eye and command the attention of trade show guests. Bold signage also helps to differentiate your booth from other trade show exhibits.

With professionally designed signage your company’s logo, brand name, and artwork can really shine. You can complement signage along with other elements such as company murals, timelines, and history walls for added effect.

Inviting and Open-Concept Expo Displays

Contemporary exhibition design trends call for less boxed-in feeling trade show displays. Many trade show companies are now thinking outside of the box to offer attendees an open and airy feel. This can include suspending signage and other elements from the ceiling.

Open-concept exhibition design allows booth visitors to roam freely without feeling like they’re bumping into display walls or other trade show guests. Having more room to move around takes away the sense of claustrophobia that can come from standard walled-in expo displays.

Instead of bland and industrial-looking materials making up these displays, they contain more homey and inviting elements. Wood paneling, decorative facades, and floral accents make trade show displays much more personable and welcoming to booth visitors.

Make Your Exhibition Design Dreams a Reality with Nimlok Kentucky

Your exhibition design is a vital part of your trade show booth’s aesthetic. It’s also a reflection of your brand. Creating the trade show display of your dreams means choosing the right company to help make those dreams a reality.

Nimlok Kentucky is your full-service for custom displays, corporate branded interiors, and trade show exhibits. Some clients of note include Norton Healthcare, Delta Dental, Parker, and Sazerac. Put our experienced and creative team to work for you to make your next trade show a success.

Contact us to get started on your unique trade show and experiential design needs today.

Attract More Customers With This Guide to Experiential Design

Attract More Customers With This Guide to Experiential Design

Attract More Customers With This Guide to Experiential Design

Potential customers rely a lot on first impressions, and it’s up to you to provide the experience. Get your complete guide to experiential design here.

Nimlok Kentucky, Exhibit, Event & Trade Show Display Storage Warehouse

As much as 35% of a company’s annual advertising budget is allocated to trade show expenditures. Planning an eye-catching trade show display can help you stand out from competing brands. You can start generating brand awareness, customers, and professional partnerships to grow your business.

Use these seven trade show display tips to plan a wow-worthy display this year. Applying these tips will ensure you make the most of your trade show budget.

Read on to learn more!

Understand Your Audience

You must first learn who your clients are and what they want before you can build an engaging experience for them. The value of knowing your audience and personalizing their experience is unmatched. This background information is necessary to make a successful design.

Being able to tailor the experience to event attendees will improve the popularity of your experiential displays. Researching your target audience will help you understand what they want from an experience. You’ll want to learn about their interests, attitudes, and habits so that you can personalize the experience to their preferences.

Using features such as lighting, sound, and touch, you can create an experience that engages them on several sensory levels. Do this to produce a memorable and compelling experience that generates buzz and drives sales.

Knowing your potential customer base increases your chances of creating a meaningful experience.

Tap Into All of the Senses

Multisensory encounters are beneficial because they engage several senses. This makes the experience more immersive and memorable. When numerous senses are engaged at the same time, a greater emotional connection with the experience is formed.

A more favorable and meaningful experience will help you retain the participant’s attention. The goal of experiential design is to engage clients on various sensory levels. This includes utilizing components like sound, scent, and touch in your displays and experiences to create a multi-sensory experience that immerses clients in your business.

Use Experiential Design at Festivals and Events

Our team does a lot of work on brand activations that showcase new ways to interact with customers. From product demonstrations to interactive displays, we have had great success drawing in a new client base at large events, such as the Kentucky Derby.

Allow event-goers to sample your products, take photos on branded backdrops, and make purchases in real-time. Investing in good experiential design will ensure your customers have a great experience, and help you grow your client base and boost brand visibility.

Make It Viral

Social media is a great tool for raising brand exposure and attracting new customers in today’s digital world. When you are planning an experiential element within an event, you need to think about how it will be shared online.

Not all sensory experiences are able to be shared online. Although virtual reality machines are great and draw in a crowd, there isn’t typically a photo or video that users can take away. Perhaps you want to build out photo booths or other elements that work in tandem with a VR station.

Nimlok Kentucky advocates building shareable and Instagram-able events. These events encourage people to share their experiences on social media, continuing your reach and impact.

Great visual murals are able to be photographed and shared. This is just one example of how to add experiential design into your space or next event.

Use Experiential Design to Attract More Customers

Nimlok Kentucky helps organizations in creating engaging and lasting experiences for their customers by adhering to experiential design standards.

Whether you’re planning a trade show display, a pop-up shop, or an interactive event, experiential graphics can help you attract more customers. Contact our team at Nimlok Kentucky, to make your brand stand out.

Immanuel Baptist Church: Experiential Environment

Immanuel Baptist Church: Experiential Environment

VisitLex, Custom Trade Show Booth Design by Nimlok-Kentucky

Immanuel Baptist Church: Experiential Environment

case study


Immanuel Baptist Church (IBC) is based in Lexington, KY, and has multiple locations across the Bluegrass. The church began in 1909 and has been growing for over 100 years. They believe in gathering in worship, growing in community, and serving others. With community being such a big focus of their mission, they became a welcoming environment, providing programs for all ages and stages of life, and continuing to value the strengths of being an inter-generational congregation. Record numbers of visitors has increased church membership in recent years.


Along with that growth IBC was looking for a solution to update and better highlight their “Connection Point,” welcoming visitors and helping new members get connected into the community. They were also planning to update spaces inside the church with refreshed branding and colors through a multi-phased approach. At the same time, they wanted to incorporate wayfinding and updated signage across the campus.

Solution & Impact

The church also recently started an in-house coffee shop to serve the community and needed to create a brand identity to carry out that vision. They turned to Nimlok Kentucky for the following elements:

  • Arch wall, providing a striking image, while subtly leading new visitors to the “Starting Point” area
  • Wall signage in the “New Guests” area
  • Signage to hide an aluminum roll up door within “Connection Point”
  • Interior design consult for “Connection Point”
  • Wayfinding signage to identify areas within the church
  • Create logo/brand for in-house coffee shop “Creekside Café”
  • Experiential branding for “Creekside Café”
  • Outdoor parking signage

The process started with leadership from IBC visiting the Nimlok Kentucky showroom. Here they were able to see, touch, and feel some of the elements we were proposing, as well as be immersed in our experiential graphics to understand how they tie together a central theme. The main goal was to help new guests visiting IBC navigate their first experience at the church through subtle wayfinding and directionals, while at the same time incorporating updated branding. IBC asked that the first phase be completed prior to Easter. From the initial meeting to final install Nimlok Kentucky was able to complete Phase 1 in a little over 4 weeks, working quickly and efficiently.

The result of Phase 1 was a re-branded area that was aesthetically pleasing with on-brand logos, colors, and wording, while at the same time providing that subtle wayfinding for new guests. There is now no confusion where first-time guests should go to learn information about IBC. And by updating all of the signage throughout the building with consistent branding and colors Nimlok Kentucky was able to bring a cohesive image to IBC, especially within the “Connection Point” where the room feels more on-brand, creating a space where people feel drawn together.

VisitLex, Custom Trade Show Booth Design by Nimlok-Kentucky

What Nimlok Kentucky has done for us in just Phase 1 of our interior rebranding plans, has already completely changed the look and feel of Immanuel in many key areas! We look forward to continuing to work with the team and getting his thoughts on ALL branding projects as we move forward!

—  Laura S., Immanuel Baptist Church

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