Attract More Customers With This Guide to Experiential Design

Potential customers rely a lot on first impressions, and it’s up to you to provide the experience. Get your complete guide to experiential design here.

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As much as 35% of a company’s annual advertising budget is allocated to trade show expenditures. Planning an eye-catching trade show display can help you stand out from competing brands. You can start generating brand awareness, customers, and professional partnerships to grow your business.

Use these seven trade show display tips to plan a wow-worthy display this year. Applying these tips will ensure you make the most of your trade show budget.

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Understand Your Audience

You must first learn who your clients are and what they want before you can build an engaging experience for them. The value of knowing your audience and personalizing their experience is unmatched. This background information is necessary to make a successful design.

Being able to tailor the experience to event attendees will improve the popularity of your experiential displays. Researching your target audience will help you understand what they want from an experience. You’ll want to learn about their interests, attitudes, and habits so that you can personalize the experience to their preferences.

Using features such as lighting, sound, and touch, you can create an experience that engages them on several sensory levels. Do this to produce a memorable and compelling experience that generates buzz and drives sales.

Knowing your potential customer base increases your chances of creating a meaningful experience.

Tap Into All of the Senses

Multisensory encounters are beneficial because they engage several senses. This makes the experience more immersive and memorable. When numerous senses are engaged at the same time, a greater emotional connection with the experience is formed.

A more favorable and meaningful experience will help you retain the participant’s attention. The goal of experiential design is to engage clients on various sensory levels. This includes utilizing components like sound, scent, and touch in your displays and experiences to create a multi-sensory experience that immerses clients in your business.

Use Experiential Design at Festivals and Events

Our team does a lot of work on brand activations that showcase new ways to interact with customers. From product demonstrations to interactive displays, we have had great success drawing in a new client base at large events, such as the Kentucky Derby.

Allow event-goers to sample your products, take photos on branded backdrops, and make purchases in real-time. Investing in good experiential design will ensure your customers have a great experience, and help you grow your client base and boost brand visibility.

Make It Viral

Social media is a great tool for raising brand exposure and attracting new customers in today’s digital world. When you are planning an experiential element within an event, you need to think about how it will be shared online.

Not all sensory experiences are able to be shared online. Although virtual reality machines are great and draw in a crowd, there isn’t typically a photo or video that users can take away. Perhaps you want to build out photo booths or other elements that work in tandem with a VR station.

Nimlok Kentucky advocates building shareable and Instagram-able events. These events encourage people to share their experiences on social media, continuing your reach and impact.

Great visual murals are able to be photographed and shared. This is just one example of how to add experiential design into your space or next event.

Use Experiential Design to Attract More Customers

Nimlok Kentucky helps organizations in creating engaging and lasting experiences for their customers by adhering to experiential design standards.

Whether you’re planning a trade show display, a pop-up shop, or an interactive event, experiential graphics can help you attract more customers. Contact our team at Nimlok Kentucky, to make your brand stand out.