6 Benefits of Custom Trade Show Displays

Custom trade show displays can help you stand out and make people remember your business.

Learn about the six benefits here.

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In 2023, there are 6,970 businesses in the trade show and conference planning industry. 

Trade shows are a big deal for a reason, and if done right, exhibiting at them can make a significant impact on the success of your business.

Although many businesses that exhibit at trade shows keep their booths simple and use basic designs, there’s a lot of value to using a custom trade show display. A custom display will attract attention and will give a better impression of your brand than an off-the-shelf display will.

If you’re wondering whether you could benefit from a custom trade show display, keep reading.

Here are the 6 top benefits of custom trade show displays:

1. Get Your Display Needs Met Exactly

One of the biggest advantages of custom trade show displays is that you can get the exact functionality and design that you need. Custom trade show displays can serve many purposes and can be as simple or complex as you desire.

Our team of sales reps and designers will sit down with you to discuss your brand and your needs for your upcoming show. You will discuss your goals for the show and specify the features you need in your trade show display. Do you have massive outdoor machinery that needs to be showcased, not a problem. Or maybe you do a live cooking demo, we can help with that. You have a software company that needs to showcase live walkthroughs of your programs, we can do that in our sleep!

We recently completed a custom design for a local company that needed space for cooking demos, food, and dish storage, and monitors for information, all with their brand design in mind. The customer said the greatest part was that we took into account their exact needs and set the space up efficiently and beautifully.

An off-the-shelf display can come with some limitations. By designing a custom display, you’ll be able to get the exact design that you need. You can ensure that your display has the functionality you need and offers additional features such as extra storage space or meeting areas.

2. Be Sure Your Booth, and Your Brand, Stands Out

Trade shows can be a sea of sameness, and in a busy trade show, it can be tough to attract the attention that you deserve. A custom display can really help you here.

While an off-the-shelf display can still be nicely designed, a custom trade show display will do an even better job of grabbing the attention of attendees that are walking by. Imagine a tower jutting above the crowd, or arches to enter the booth, or whatever you’re thinking, we can make it happen! Even a lifesize horse sitting 16’ in the air, we’ve done it. You’ll set your booth apart from the others around yours and will help ensure that attendees look twice at your display.

A custom display will entice more people to enter your space to start a conversation and learn more about what your business or organization has to offer.

3. Give a Great First Impression

It’s important to remember that first impressions matter a lot in the world of business, so make sure that yours counts.

Since your trade show booth will serve as a first impression of your business for a lot of key decision-makers, it’s important that it is impactful. A custom-designed trade show display allows you to make a lasting impression on important prospects and tells your company’s most important stories.

When attendees return home after the trade show, you want to make sure you had a space that will stick in their minds. By ensuring that the first impression you make is professional, you’ll ensure that they’ll remember your first meeting positively as they continue to do business with you.

4. Influence the Behavior of Attendees

A great trade show display design won’t just help encourage attendees to come up and talk to you. It can also inspire them to take other actions regarding your business products and services as well.

A great design can help to foster engagement and help inspire attendees to take a specific action. This could include signing up for an email list, buying a product, or spreading the word about your booth.

5. Align Your Display With Your Trade Show Goals

Exhibiting at a trade show can feel overwhelming, but it’s important to set goals to get the most out of your event. Your trade show design should reflect the goals you set for the event.

If you’re launching a new product or service, then you’ll want a custom trade show display that will highlight whatever it is. If your goal is to consult with prospective customers one-on-one, then you’ll want a design that includes a conference area. And if you still aren’t sure how to go about the planning and execution for your upcoming show, we can help with that too! Download our Comprehensive Trade Show & Event Checklist here.

6. Spread Brand Awareness At the Trade Show

Your brand is important, and a custom trade show display will help you to better represent your brand to attendees.

Showcasing your brand colors, graphics, and personality in your trade show display makes your business more recognizable and approachable.

When there are other businesses offering the same goods and services as yours, effective branding can serve as a secret weapon. It will allow your business to stand out and be remembered more easily.

With a great custom design, you’ll build more trust, rapport, and credibility with your attendees. You can ensure that the trade show display that you have lines up with your brand in a big way.

Understanding the Benefits of Custom Trade Show Displays

To have the best time at your next trade show event, consider using custom trade show displays. The right display can attract more attention to your exhibit and can help your business be memorable and engaging.

Looking for help with your custom trade show display design? Click here to see examples of our trade show designs and exhibits.